Company Profile

ESC Environmental was started in 1995 after the birth of my daughter. After spending 22 years on the road I [the founder and president James Dwyer] decided it was time to enjoy the gifts I was given in my two children. Taking the skills and knowledge I had gained first working for Calgon [a Division of Merck & Co. Inc.] a then Stiles-Kem as [Division of Met-Pro Corporation] So in 1995 I started ESC Environmental to serves the needs of the water, waste water and commercial water treatment market.

Being a small company we are always evolving.

In the year 2000 ESC and Jem Enterprises entered into a agreement to market equipment to the water treatment market

In the year 2003 ESC began marketing it own line of NSF approved water treatment products

In the year 2004 ESC enter into agreement to represent Sub-surface technology for well rehabilitation.

In the year 2006 … ESC Environmental has begun to market a full line of commodity chemical products. My customers have asked me for years to start carrying products like hypochlorite and soda ash. The time was not right, now in 2006 all the important things have finally come together.

Thank you!

Jim Dwyer