ESC Environmental started as a Consulting firm and continues today. With over 22 years experience in the water and waste water industry there are few quality issues this company has not seen. The company does not provide engineering services but will work with any engineering firm to solve complex water quality problems. ESC has a full equipped field testing equipment for on-site testing work.

Benefits from Working with ESC

  • 25 years experience
  • Graduate level researchers
  • Full equipped to do most water quality jobs
  • Long list of satisfied customers


ESC will do most in-field testing on-site and working with the site personnel to truly understand current problems. Most in-field testing can be emailed directly to either consulting engineering firm or Health Department. At the company headquarters there exists an extensive library for researching both problems and solutions.

Capability 1

Equipment needed to do field testing, Spectrophotometers, field dropped test, pH and titration equipment. Trained operators to do all testing.   

Capability 2

Jar testing using the newest equipment for all coagulation studies [water or waste water]. Extensive supply of coagulants from many different manufactures. 

Capability 3

Complete report writing with action plan sent with all studies.